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    Scrap My Car Chelmsford

    How Do I Scrap My Car In Chelmsford?

    Whether your in Broomfield or Galleywood we can help with the collection of your car. We are professional scrap vehicle collection company collecting scrap cars across the country for many years. We have built our collection areas to point where we pretty much cover everywhere in London & Essex, including Chelmsford of course! We have a good reputation for offering the best prices for any old, junk car. So whether the cars engine has failed or it has been involved in accident. We are the people to call. Our customers are our top priority and we make sure that our customers always maximise their profits when scrapping their car with us. We are honest and respected company. 

    To get started with scrapping a car please get in contact with us via our phone number (07377 706 620) or filling out the form. Remember to double check the information that you have put is correct – name, phone number, registration and postcode or where the vehicle is. Once you contacted us. We will give you a top price quote, when filling out a form you will get a call back within 15 minutes of filling the form out. If your happy with the price we have quoted you, which is likely, then we can arrange with you the time and date. Also we may ask a few questions about location, e.g. Is it hard it access for a low-loader. One our drivers in Chelmsford will come to the location agreed and load your vehicle onto a low-loader, fill out the necessary paperwork like the V5C document. They will then pay the price quoted on the phone in cash. Any questions feel free to ask our driver on collection. After the driver will leave with your scrap car. 

    What Type Of Cars Do We Collect?

    We collect a variety of cars in many different conditions and types. Some are listed below:

    • MOT Failed Cars
    • Damaged Cars
    • Unwanted Cars
    • Non Runners
    • Unroadworthy cars
    • Written off cars 

    Reviews From Customers In Chelmsford:

    “great and top notch service! They gave me the best price for my car in East Hanningfield. Defiantly recommending to friends and family”

    Emily – Mini Cooper 

    “came collected my car no messing around involved. Driver came on time and collected my vehicle. No complainants here!”

    Lewis – BMW

    Does Scrapping My Car Damage The Environment?

    The answer is no as your car will be taken to a authorised treatment facility where before it is crushed and weighed on metal weight. The harmful and toxic fluids will drained from the car. This prevents nearby rivers getting contained and keeps workers in the scrap yard.

    What If I've Lost The Keys?

    We will still collect your scrap car but just for a lower price as if the handbrakes stuck on. It makes it time consuming to move the car and also if we want to resell car we will need to get new keys made which costs money. 

    What Vehicles Do You Collect?

    We don’t just collect cars. We get offered a variety of vehicles From Lorry to Classic Cars. 

    Do You Collect Outside Chelmsford?

    Yes, We have built up a range of drivers across London & Essex ready to scrap your car. So on your call our driver can sent to your location. Get a free no obligation quote today from us.

    How Much Will I Get For My Scrap Car?

    Well this can depend on many factors like how scrap metal per ton is and the condition of the car. one of most important factors is making sure the car is complete when we collect as most scrap yard’s do not like cars that are not complete – mainly the catalytic converter, battery and wheels – As the scrap yard’s option’s are limited to what they can do with the vehicle. Another major factor is the weight of car. Smaller cars like a Ford ka weigh less than a ton so if scrap is £70 per ton you  can expect £60 to £70 for it. Where as a big truck like a range rover will weight a ton and half plus, so you can £150 plus. Finally the scrap market and demand for it is always changing there will be better months for metal per ton and worse months. 

    Why Use Us To Scrap Your Car?

    With over 30 years of experience and a scaled company that is one of the biggest collectors of vehicles in London & Essex. We are very experienced and have an edge on any new comers to the market. Our price are top as well sometimes even offering more than scrap value for any car. We will ensure you always get a good deal when scrapping a car with us. So what you waiting for get in touch today! 
    There are certain companies that falsely fee you for silly things, like a missing logbook or a door mirror. You can be assured when using us we will give you a great price without adding unnecessary fees on top. Also lots of scrap vehicle dealers like to add collection fees weighing the price down even further. We offer free collection whether your an hour drive or 10 minutes away from us. It doesn’t matter we wont charge.


    Areas We Collect From In Chelmsford:

    • Melbourne
    • Springfield
    • Meadgate
    • Boreham
    • Galleywood
    • Stock
    • Writtle
    • Widford
    • Broomfield
    • Hanningfield