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scrap my car north london

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Are you considering scrapping a car in North London? Live in or Close to North London? if your looking for a scrap car collection that is approved and is great at getting the job done. Then ScrapYourCarEssex is your best option by far. Our aim is always to give our customers the best service located in North London and give the top money as well. Call us today at 07377 706 620 for a free scrap car estimation. Scrapping a car could not be easier while using us.

Local Car Scrapping Company

ScrapYourCarEssex is a professional scrap car North London service. Which is carried by experts in the market and lots of knowledge about scrapping cars. We deal with collection, disposal and removal of scrap cars in your local area. We operate 7 days a week because we understand that life can be busy and sometimes there are just not enough hours in a day to fit everything in that you need to do. When your ready get in touch with us as we are not going anywhere! We have many, many years of experience in the industry and know what we are doing when it comes to collecting scrap car in North London. We are the first company you should consider phoning.

North London Scrap Car Process

The process for scrapping a car in North London is simple and hassle free from the start to finish. We help you through process and we have to put together some steps to make sure you understand the process of disposing of a scrap car

Get In Touch With Us: There are plenty of good ways to get in touch with us. You can fill out a form at the top of the page with your name , your phone number , registration of the scrap car you want to scrap and the postcode of where the car is or if your car is not at a postcode please tell us on the form. This way we can give you an accurate price for your unwanted car.

Arranging Collection: If you accept our quote we will arrange collection with you over the phone and set a time and date. Then we will send a driver to collect your scrap car in North London. We are not like other companies that like to pay collection fees our prices exclude fees for driving so you get the best price possible.

Get Paid: When our driver arrives and loads your car. We can give cash at collection if you would like there are alternative options to getting paid but we are fine with whatever you choose. 

Break For Parts, Sell or Scrap: We could break your car for parts if our experts think there is value in the cars parts. Alternatively if the car is still in good condition and is roadworthy then we may try and find a buyer. Lastly we can take the car to a authorised treatment facility.

scrap car north london

Why Use Us?

  • Quick & Efficient Service 
  • Top prices paid
  • Trusted by many customers
  • No collection fees 
  • Experts in the market
  • 5 Star Reviews


What Documents Do I Need?

For the process to go smoothly and take the least amount of time. We ask that you get your V5 or Vehicle Logbook ready, So that our driver can make a quick collection and have no hassle with you trying find your logbook on collection. By the way this is the important document you will need when we collect your scrap car.

Where Can I Scrap My Car In North London

You can scrap a car here with our help. Get in touch with us when your are available and we will help you through the process and give the best price possible for your scrap car as well. We are leading car experts in the North London area and are specialists in the market. Free Collection comes with the removals of your car.

How Can I Scrap A Van?

We collect vans as well please refer to our scrap van page and we will run you the process which is very similar to scrapping a car.

Does Scrapping My Car Damage The Environment?

Before a car is crushed all toxic fluids are drained out and removed. Making sure we keep rivers from being contaminated and workers in the scrap yard in a healthy environment

Any Make & Models Collected

We help you maximize the profit for your old, unwanted vehicle. Some of our poplar models are:

  • Ford
  • BMW
  • Peugeot
  • Nissan
  • Honda
  • Mercedes
  • Vauxhall
  • Audi
  • Citroen
scrap car north london

Scrap Vehicles Wanted:

New Cars

Unwanted Cars




Classic Cars