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    Need to scrap your van & want the best price ? Our services will suit you!. We offer a scrap van collection service to all residents across the country. Call us today and get a valuation regarding your end of life van. Alternatively fill out a form with your Name, Email, Phone Number, Van Registration & Postcode and we will get back to you with a quote in an hour.

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    You contact our team of experts and get a quotation.

    Collection Of Your Van

    If you're happy with the price quoted by us, then a data & time for collection can be arranged.

    Payment & Paperwork

    We pay you cash and fill out the necessary information on the V5 paperwork.

    Why Choose Us To Scrap Your Van?

    Human based quotes – Unlike many other companies we do not rely on advanced technology systems to estimate price. We dont believe in such practices as they are proven to be inaccurate and most of the time they offer you less than your vehicle is actually worth. Whereas Humans can carelly price every vehicle checking all details of the car like engine size and weight to help achieve the “best price”. 

    Peace Of Mind – You may only scrap one van in your lifetime or many it depends. The point is, we are committed to giving you a legal scrap van collection that you will walk away happy after removing your end of life van. 

    Unbeatable Price Paid – All prices given by humans are based on today’s market and are usually considered the best by many people. Checkout our testimonials on Google or Facebook and you will see how happy our customers are with our outstanding prices. 

    Paperwork sorted for you – Our process has been rethinked to make your life easier than ever when scrapping a van . All you need to do is fill out your details and we will call you with a quote. Simple! Also, collection paperwork is minimal. Our driver will fill out the main chunk with you filling out a small minority. 

    Licensed & Trusted – We are registered with the DVLA and local councils to remove your van from your driver or the streets in a legal fashion. You can be confident that all car scrappage laws are abided by and followed by our drivers and staff. 

    Free Pick-Up Anytime – We are open 7 days a week collecting scrap vans from the streets of the U.K. So when the time is right and you are ready, get in touch and will be able to pick up on the day specified. Important: This only applies during our opening hours, please check our opening hours for more information. 

    Immediate Payment – With our collection services drivers give you cash in hand on collection if requested. Otherwise a bank transfer will be done on collection.

    scrap my van near me
    scrap van collection

    FAQs Regarding Scrapping A Van

     The amount that you will get changes from van to van. Some vans are worth more due to their value in parts, others are not so valuable. 

    The factors below are some of the main factors we use to give the accurate and great price. 

    • Weight of your van: Typically the more a van weighs the more you will be paid. This is because there is more physical metal on the van that can be sold on to make money. 
    • Age of your van: The newer your van is the more we will be willing to pay for it. Vans newer than 2010 could be eligible for a sufficient price increase. 
    • Make & Model of your van: Certain types of vans are more popular in today’s market. Via making them more money which is great for you.

    You will need the V5C slip on the V5 document.

    You can arrange with us a day and time for the pickup of your van that works best for you. It doesn’t matter where your driveway is, garage or road nearby is we will collect. Furthermore, all of our collections are free and contact-free.

    We have the equipment and specialist tools to collect any vans from any kind of situations. 

    Here are just some of types of vans we scrap: 

    • Damaged Vans 
    • Junk Vans 
    • MOT failures 
    • Fleet Vans 
    • Salvage Vans 
    • Foreign Vans 
    • Non-runners 
    • Water Damaged Vans

    Yes we will still collect your van but the price you will be paid will drop as it will take longer for our driver to remove your van. We may even bring additional biggers lorries with suitable equipment like a hiab to lift vans that have no keys.

    Yes, quote price offered over the phone or email is guaranteed on collection, no haggling involved. But, this would not be case if your van was not described correctly or major parts were missing that we were unaware of.

    There are many great reasons why it may be time to scrap your van.

    Here are 3 of the more common reasons:

    1 – Your van has developed a mechanical fault and has stopped working but is too expensive to fix.  

    2 – Your van is old and you want to buy something new that has new gadgets and drivers easier. 

    3 – Your van has not passed its MOT due to issues with rust or components on the van. 

    Happy Van Scrappers!

    Impressive service from a great company. They collected my broken down van from my local garage. The driver payed me the full amount and told me what i needed to do with the slip on the V5. The driver was very informative and were helpful through Out. Thanks.


    No hassle involved, uplift of my van was quick. Great communication every step of the way, from arranging collection to getting a quote. If I need scrapping services these people will be my first call.


    The company paid me more than any other scrap van dealer in my local area and they offered to collect my vehicle the same day when others were not able to do so. Will be recommending to anyone scrapping a van who I know.