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    Scrap Car Collection Throughout London & Essex

    Has your car seen better days and its time to get rid of that old rust bucket? Then we can help! Scrap Your Car Essex has built a network of drivers all over London and Essex that are ready to collect any end of life cars that get sent to us. We have become one of top buyers of scrap cars in London and Essex. So whether your car is in a garage in London or broken down in Romford. We can help you. To get A free no obligation quote you can call (07377 706 620) or fill out a form at top of the page or in the footer. Fill out all boxes including correct name, phone number, registration and postcode or where the car is stored. Once filled out we will give your a call back within the our hour with a quote. Simple!

    We collect from pretty much everywhere in London and Essex, but some are listed below: