Thinking of scrapping a motorcycle today?

Has your Motorbike broken down or on its last legs and it is too much to repair it or is not possible to repair.If This is the case then why dont you earn some cash by getting rid of your motorcycle.We offer a cash in hand collection service and offer best prices for your old,unwanted or broken bikes.

If you need to sell your Motorbike maybe because your getting an upgrade or just want some cash out of it then we can offer the best price for your bike or motorcycle.There is simple steps to scrap or sell your bike to use hassle free and simple.

Step 1:You contact by phone or via email for a quote. 

Step 2:Then We arrange collection and agreed price for your Motorbike

Step 3:We collect your bike and give you cash in your hand at collection.Then your Motorbike is either salvaged for parts or is scrapped.

We scrap all models of motorbikes and bikes:

BMW |  Honda | Yamaha |Kawasaki| Suzuki | Aprilla | 

Call 07377 706 620 for a quote or use our contact us page and send us an email. Need help scrapping a car please refer to our scrap my car page