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    Scrap My Motorbike

    Need to scrap a motorbike today? We can help! We are top buyers of all motorbikes in any condition. So whether the motorbike has broken down or its at the end of its life we can collect from you today. Get in touch with us today. Call 07377 706 620 or fill out a form located at top of page or in footer, fill out all the correct details and we will call you back with a quote. The process is as simple as getting a quote, collection and payment. Simple right?

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    Reasons To Scrap Your Motorbike:

    • High Mileage, motorbikes with many miles on the clock are less reliable and more problems are created the higher the mileage goes up.
    • Not Roadworthy, is the frame of the motorbike damaged or broken then its safe to say the motorbike is not roadworthy.
    •  Engine Failure, maybe the engine in your motorbike has failed.
    •  End Of life
    • Unwanted 
    • Expensive repairs
    scrap motorbike

    The "Scrap My Motorbike" Process

    The process may seem hard and stressful but its actually pretty simple. With our help the process will become hassle free and fast. 

    Firstly you will need to get in touch with us. There are many ways this can done. The easiest and quickest way is by calling us directly but you can also fill out a form. filling out name, phone number, registration and postcode with the correct details. 

    Once you have contacted us we will give you a free quote if your happy with the quotation price then we can proceed to the collection process. This is where collection is arranged (date and time) . After, One of our local driver will come and collect your scrap motorbike and pay you cash on collection. 

    Lastly, your end of life motorbike will be sent back to our yard and either scrapped for the metal weight or salvaged for parts. We may also sell the motorbike if its in good condition. 

    We Collect Any Brand & Model Of Motorbike:

    • Aprilia
    • BMW
    • Ducati
    • Harley-Davidson
    • Honda
    • Indian Motorcycle
    • Kawasaki
    • KTM
    • Suzuki
    • Triumph
    • Yamaha

    Scrap Vehicles Wanted:

    Unwanted Cars




    Classic Cars