About Us

We specialises in the collection and disposal of unwanted Old car / vans / campers and salvage. Fully licensed and legal removal of unwanted vehicles or scrap. All paperwork filled in and returned to DVLA. All vehicles collected on a transporter / low loader, so why not Sell your car. We are based in Essex boarding London.


Some Benefits:

All our prices are guaranted

Every quote with give you is accurate as long as you accurately describe your car or van.

100% Free collection

When you scrap your car with us, you’ll get completely free collection included as standard.

Cash Paid on collection

we pay cash on collection to our customers we can also do bank transfer aswell


WHY use ScrapYourCarEssex?

“ScrapYourCarEssex” makes scraping your car easy and hassle free. We will not turn down your car or van whatever the condition or age even if it is a MOT failure, A non-runner, Broken down, damaged ,Old. We pay the best prices for scrap cars and vans in essex areas –Brentwood, Romford – Our service is licensed and delivered professionally and have 30 years experience learn more info about us and our company on our about us page


Why Should I Scrap My Old Car,Van or lorry?

If you own a vehicle which has been badly damaged or doesn’t run like it used to, it isn’t always a good idea to get it fixed. Repairs can be very expensive, often exceeding the cost of a new vehicle. But dealerships around Essex’s, won’t accept vehicles for trade-in if they are unsure they will be able to sell them. 

How long will it take to scrap my car or van?

We can collect you car or van on the same day of your phone call.