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    Scrap My Car in Essex

    Need to scrap your car in Essex today? Well you have come to the right place as we offer scrap car collection across Essex and surrounding areas. We are well experienced and when it comes to scrapping a old, damaged or end of life car, We got you covered. Here at Scrap Car Essex, We specialise in the collection, removal and disposal of old, end of life and scrap cars. We are fully licensed and comply with all laws. 

    Simple Step To Scrapping A Car In Essex

    It my seem daunting scrapping a car in Essex, but it is pretty simple and straight forward process. Whether your car has failed its MOT, Involved in a crash or at the end of its life. Scrapping your car provides a great option so you can use that money towards a new car. When you use our service we can guarantee the best price in Essex for your scrap car.

    Step 1: You get in touch through our phone number or fill out a form at top. We will get back to you within the hour – This depends on time, after opening hours you may not get reply until next day. 

    Step 2. One of our driver’s will collect your scrap car, By the way all of drivers are licensed and can legally scrap your car. 

    Step 3: After, we can either sell your car and try and find a buyer for it. Alternatively, If the car is in bad condition it will be scrapped in an authorised treatment. Also, we can sell your car’s parts for money.

    Why Choose Scrap Your Car Essex?

    Competitive Prices

    That is correct  , we always aim to give our customer the best price possible sometimes we may match or beat other companies.

    100% Free Collection

    Some companies may like to charge to collect you car out of their local area. We do not simply charge this fee so whether your in London or located somewhere in Essex we can help.

    Cash Paid On Collection

    It speaks for its self , yes we can give you cash on collection if you would like.

    30 Years Of Experience

    We have been in the industry for a very long time so we know what we are doing unlike younger companies that may not be experienced.

    Hassle Free Service

    All our drivers are professional and can legally scrap car across Essex.

    Environmentally Friendly

    We keep the environment in mind when disposing of a scrap car.


    Why Should I Scrap My Car In Essex?

    If you own a vehicle which has been badly damaged or doesn’t run like it used to, it isn’t always a good idea to get it fixed. Repairs can be very expensive, often exceeding the cost of a new vehicle. But dealerships around Essex’s, won’t accept vehicles for trade-in if they are unsure they will be able to sell them.

    We Offer the best prices and can collect your car same day as calling – Disclaimer within hours of operation (In Footer).

    How Long Will It Take To Scrap My Car?

    We can collect your scrap car on the same day as calling or we can arrange a date that you agree on and collect it then 

    What Documents Do I Need?

    You will need to have the V5 Document at hand when we collect your scrap car. Please let us know before we arrive if there is documents missing. This may affect the price you get as it makes it in convenient for our driver.

    What Areas Do You Collect From?

    ScrapYourCarEssex collects from London and Essex so we can most likely collect your car for you. 

    Reasons To Scrap Your Car:

    • Mot Failure 
    • Engine Broken 
    • Lost The Keys 
    • Gearbox Failure 
    • Crash Damage 
    • End Of Life 
    • Unwanted 
    These are only a few reasons why it may be time to say goodbye to your car. 

    Scrap Vehicles Wanted:

    New Cars

    Unwanted Cars




    Classic Cars

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