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    We Buy Any Scrap Car

    Do you have a old car sitting on your drive or filling up with dust on your drive. It may be time to say goodbye to end of life car. If your looking for scrap car collection service then we can help! We are a well established scrap car company who collects scrap vehicles across London and EssexSo where ever you are located, we can have a driver collect your motor of your hands the same day.

    we buy any scrap car
    scrap yard

    Reasons Why Your Car May Be Ready For The Scrap Yard

    Your vehicle is old. The vehicle is now collecting dust and dirt on your driveway or in a garage.

    You are looking for a new vehicle. Your old car is not in good enough shape to be sold.

    Your car has been written off. You have been involved in an accident and now the car is not roadworthy.

    The MOT is void. But the work needing done to the car is too high for the value of the car. So is simply not worth doing.

    Your want some extra cash. Maybe could be used to put towards a new vehicle or a gift.

    Contribution to helping make the planet greener. By scrapping your old polluting vehicle, you are helping. 

    We Collect ANY Make & Model Of Car

    We collect regardless of make and models, so if your have a old Bentley or a car taking up garage space get in touch with us. We are open 7 days a week. Here are some of the popular makes that we collect for scrap:

    we buy audi cars
    we buy citroen cars