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    Scrap My Ford

    Finding it hard to sell your scrap Ford? or your vehicle been broken. Whatever the reason may be for scrapping your Ford. Scrap Your Car Essex has got your back. We offer the best prices in London & Essex. Call us today and we can arrange the collection of your end of life Ford. 

    How Do I Scrap A Ford For Cash?

    The process is very simple and straight forward.

    Firstly you need to get a phone via calling us or filling out a form located at top of page. When filling out a form, you will receive a call back with a quote within the hour of when you filled it in.

    Accepting the quote, and collection – once we have offered you a quote for your scrap Ford. If your happy with the quote we have offered you then we can proceed to arranging collection. over the phone the time and date can be arranged and then one of our local driver will come and collect your Ford.

    Scrapped, Broken for parts or sold – We can scrap the car and weight it in on metal weight. With certain models of Fords e.g. sport etc. The parts may be in higher demand so they may be stripped of parts and sold online. If the car is in a good condition then we may and try and find a buyer for it. 

    Reasons Leading To Scrapping Your Ford

    • Personal Circumstances 
    • Accident Damage
    • Broken down
    • Expensive running costs
    • Junk
    • End Of Life
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    Why Choose Us Over Other Dealers?

    • Unbeatable Prices Paid
    • Free Collection 
    • Cash Paid On Collection
    • Many Years Of Experience
    • Hassle Free Service
    • Environmentally Friendly

    We Accept Any Scrap Ford Vehicles

    • Ford KA
    • Ford Street KA 
    • Ford Fiesta
    • Ford Puma
    • Ford Fusion
    • Ford Focus
    • Ford Mondeo
    • Ford Kuga
    • Ford Galaxy
    • Ford S-Max
    • Ford C-Max
    • Ford Escort
    • Ford Siera
    • Ford Anglia
    • Ford 100E
    • Ford Mverick
    • Ford Ranger


    Can I scrap my Ford with flat tyres?

    Yes of course you can. All our drivers are equipped to collect cars with flat tyres. Although, When getting a quotation, please let us know about the flat tyres so that they can come equipped. 

    What is a ELV?

    The terms refers to a “End of life vehicle” 

    How do I contact?

    Call us now through our phone number, fill out a form or email.

    About Ford

    Ford Motor Company is a car manufacturer based in Michigan, USA. Having established in more than 125 countries, Ford is one of the largest automakers in the world that produces passenger cars, SUVs, trucks, sports cars, and commercial vehicles. Ford also has a luxury subsidiary, Lincoln, that offers vehicles in the premium segment. It is one of the most popular and admired car brands in the world, particularly in the country of its origin, America. Let’s have a look at the history of Ford and some interesting facts about it.