Live in Essex, Considering scrapping your a car?


we can scrap your car for the best price in Essex and surrounding areas.We pay cash in your hand. It my seem daunting scrapping a car but it is pretty simple and straight forward process. Whether your car has failed its MOT, Involved in a crash or at the end of its life.Scrapping your car provides a great option so you can use that money towards a new car. 


When you use our service we can guarantee the best price in Essex for your scrap car .We also can collect Lorry and vans. 


Reasons to scrap your car or van : Failed its MOT test, Engine broken,Lost the keys,Gearbox failure,Crash
Damage these are just some of the reasons to scrap your car. If your car has
any these problems you could consider scrapping it.


First time scrapping your car?

It can seem very hard thing to do but we have put together the 3 simple steps to scrapping your easily and legally and for the best price possible.


Step 1 : Getting a Quote its simple just give a call 07377 706 620 or email us on our contact us page


Step 2 : Arranging Collection. One of our local collection partners will come along to pick your scrap car at a time and date agreed with you. We also do free collection with your scrap car. We will make sure that all the legal stuff is dealt with so it is all legal.


Step 3: Your Car is Recycled If your car’s still in a roadworthy condition, we’ll try and find a buyer for it.

If the car’s unsuitable to be reused, we’ll remove any car parts that we can reuse and sell those on. We’ll then recycle the rest of the car in an authorised treatment facility so we can get money for the scrap metal or we scrap the cars fully complete.


Anything Goes

we collect whatever the condition; any age,any condition,mot failure,broken down or at the end of its life.

Best Price Paid In Essex

we pay the best prices for your scrap car in essex.