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    Scrap My Citroen Car

    Need to scrap a Citroen? Need a fast and hassle-free service? We’ll help! We’re one of the biggest scrap Citroen collectors in London & Essex. We are highly experienced in this market and can scrap your Citroen hassle-free today. We are recommended by many of customers and scrap many cars on a daily basis. To start the scrap process please get in touch with us. You can call us on 07377 706 620 or fill out a form above with Name, Phone Number, Email, Registration and Postcode. There is an alternate way to both of these option you can email us at 

    My Citroen Needs Scrapping. What Should I Do?

    The process is very simple and straight forward, 

    Firstly you need to get a phone via calling us (07377 706 620) or filling out a form located at top of page. When filling out a form, you will receive a call back with a quote within the hour of when you filled it in.

    Accepting the quote, and collection – once we have offered you a quote for your scrap Citroen. If your happy with the quote we have offered you then we can proceed to arranging collection. over the phone the time and date can be arranged and then one of our local driver will come and collect your Citroen.

    Scrapped, Broken for parts or sold – We can scrap the car and weight it in on metal weight. With certain models of Citreon’s e.g. sport etc. The parts may be in higher demand soo they may be stripped of parts and sold online. If the car is in a good condition then we may and try and find a buyer for it. 

    Citroen Scrapping Reasons:

    • No Longer Safe To Drive 
    • Broken down
    • Expensive running costs
    • Unwanted
    • End Of Life
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    What Makes Us The Best Scrapper For Citroens?

    • Competitive Prices 
    • Free Collection 
    • Cash Paid On Collection
    • Experienced
    • Hassle Free Service
    • Environmentally Friendly Company 

    Any Scrap Citreon Is welcome To Us

    • Citroen Saxo 
    • Citroen C1
    • Citroen C2
    • Citroen C3
    • Citroen C3 Picasso 
    • Citroen C3 Plurial 
    • Citroen Xsara 
    • Citroen C4
    • Citroen C4 Picasso 
    • Citroen C5
    • Citroen C5 Tourer
    • Citroen C6
    • Citroen Berlingo Multispace
    • Citroen C8
    • Citroen C-Crosser :
    • Citroen Nemo Multispace


    How much will I get paid for my scrap Citroen?

    The car will be evaluated on several factors to make up a offer. This includes:

    • scrap market
    • complete car
    • alloy wheels 
    • weight of car 
    • condition
    Can I change date of scrap Citroen collection?

    If you need to rearrange the pick-up, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you!

    Does my Citroen car need to be cleaned for collection?

    No it does not. This is because your car will most likely be scrapped anyway so a little rubbish does not matter. But make sure to collect any items out of car that you want to keep!