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    Scrap My Car Tilbury

    Need to scrap a car in Tilbury?

    Our service is the leading in scrap and salvage located across Essex, meaning that you can get the best price for your rust bucket, you wont have to worry as we collect your scrap car free of charge, no hidden fees involved.

    scrap car tilbury

    At Scrap Your Car Essex, We have been scrapping cars across Essex since 1990 ,so you can relax as we are very well trained in the disposal of your scrap car in Tilbury and elsewhere in Essex .We provide a hassle free service to our customers

    So if your car is reaching the end of its life or it may have one of the following problems :

    • Mot Failure
    • Engine Broken
    • Unsafe to drive
    • Expensive running costs
    • Not roadworthy

    you should consider getting rid of your old derelict car with us.

    When you scrap a car with us, you will get paid top money from one of our qualified drivers in the scrap car Tilbury area. We also pay cash in your hand and at collection giving you a great reason to scrap a car with us. Our Car Collection service is licensed and delivered professionally to all people we collect from, allowing you to dispose of your scrap car with a complete peace of mind; we are also a registered with the environmental agency and recycle every possible car part to ensure scrapping your old car helps the environment too. 

    The Process To "Scrap My Car in Tilbury"

    Step 1 : Getting a Quote. This is simple as there are many ways to contact us. The easiest is buy calling us directly (07377 706 620) or you can fill out a form located at the top of page. Remember to fill all correct information out including Name, Phone Number, Registration and Postcode. 

    Step 2 : Collection. One of our local collection partners will come along to pick up your scrap car at a time and date agreed with you. We also do free collection with your scrap car. We’ll make sure that all the legal stuff is dealt with so it is all legal. 

    Step 3: Your Car is Recycled If your car’s still in a roadworthy condition, we’ll try and find a buyer for it. If the car’s unsuitable to be reused, we’ll remove any car parts that we can reuse and sell those on. We’ll then recycle the rest of the car in an authorised treatment facility so we can get money for the scrap metal or we scrap the cars fully complete.

    Why Choose Us To Scrap Your Car In Tilbury?

    Anything Goes – Whatever the condition, we can it. 

    Best Prices Paid – We pay the top money for all scrap cars in Tilbury

    No Hidden Fees – There are no hidden fees, free collection is included 

    Hassle Free Service – We are fast and effective at collecting scrap cars. 

    Scrap Vehicles Wanted:

    New Cars

    Unwanted Cars