Can I Scrap My Car Without Keys?

Its more common than you think, owning a car for a long time maybe over 10 plus years, a set of keys can get lost, but what happens when the second set go missing or you simply only have one set than are in a situation where to replace them may cost more than the car is actually worth.

Will we still buy your scrap car?

Short answer is yes , we will still buy your scrap car from you even without keys, providing there is a adequate paperwork, notably V5 with correct name and address on it

Will it affect how much the car is worth?

Yes it will, as if we want to sell or recondition or reuse the engine we simply cant so most likely it will either be taken into an authorised treatment facility or salvage for parts.

Some newer the a system installed called a ECU (Engine Control Unit) this is where the key are programmed to the car. So even you got a new key that fits car , it wont matter as the immobilize will not allow the car to start as the key code does not match correctly

Proof of Ownership

As long as you have the logbook (V5) confirming you name and address you should be good to go.


answer is yes you can sell your scrap to us without key but first you will need to prove your the owner of the vehicle, aswell the price you will paid will decrease as there is less we can do with.