What is My Vehicle Worth?

There are many factors that go into the price of your scrap vehicle. There are a few ways that your vehicle is valued in a scrap yard ,

1:if the car not complete, the scrap vehicle will valued as its scrap metal value disregarding the condition of car.

Time of Writing this blog scrap metal weight is £30 per tonne but scrap metal weight varies through the year it has been £100 per ton or as low as £10 per ton.

2: If the car is complete most authorised treatment facility will give you a set price for a vehicle . Around £150 to £200 Paid for all scrap car taken to one of there authorised treatment facility.

If your vehicle is in good condition we may break the car for parts to sell on, in some cases certain cars break better than others, or we may sell the car on to a new owner.

How to get more money for you vehicle

There a couple factors that could make you get a little more for your scrap vehicle but in most cases the reason it is sold to us is because the vehicle is at the end of its or not road worthy, or has little resale value.

1: A Good Service History – Anyone looking to buy a part wants to know what condition the part is in. If we have access to a full service history we easily let the buyer know.

2: Clean Car

Many vehicles that we collect are like barn finds. They have been sitting for a long time in a shed only for one day the owner wants to scrap the vehicle to make a few bucks.

If you car is in reasonable condition this may increase the vehicles value.

3: Having the Correct Paperwork

Any time the buyer spends trying to apply for documents and verification for the vehicle costs time and money. Our driver will probably offer you less money than we offered over the phone.