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Scrap My Car Chipping Ongar

Are considering scrapping your car?

We can offer you the best prices in chipping ongar for your scrap car Any age,any condition. We can collect it. Cash Paid on collection .

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Give us a call on 07377 706 620 or email us at for a quick valuation.

No hassle of dealing with DVLA

We complete and process all the legal paperwork. This will save you not only time but also the hassle of dealing with the DVLA.

How long will take to scrap my car?

As we are located in ongar brentwood essex, We can collect your car on the same day we talk to you on the phone.We complete paperwork on collection to make sure the process is done legally.


What We Offer?

Our services 

Quick and friendly service

When you scrap your car with us,We can collect your car same day as phone call (Depends if late night next day)All our drivers are friendly and easy to talk to.

Cash Paid on collection

We pay cash on collection

Best prices in Paid in Ongar

We pay the best prices for scrap cars and vans in ongar and surrounding brentwood and areas essex etc.

Anything Goes

We collect whatever the condition : any age, any condition, Mot failure,Broken down or at the end of its life.


How it Works?

Step 1 : Getting a Quote 

Its simple just give a call 07377 706 620 or email us for a quick quote about your scrap car or van.

Step 2 : Arranging a collection.

One of our local collection partners will come along to pick up your scrap car at a time and date agreed with you.We also do free collection with your scrap car or van. We’ll make sure that all the legal stuff is dealt with so it is all legal.

Step 3: Your Car is Recycled 

If your car’s still in a roadworthy condition, we’ll try and find a buyer for it. If the car’s unsuitable to be reused, we’ll remove any car parts that we can reuse and sell those on. We’ll then recycle the rest of the car in an authorised treatment facility so we can get money for the scrap metal or we scrap the cars fully complete.


Chipping Ongar History

Chipping Ongar is a parish and small town 11 miles west of Chelmsford and 21 miles north-east of London. It has been known in the past as Castle Ongar.The modern form of the name dates from the 14th century and relates to the ancient market of the town.Ongar has been important for more than 1,000 years as the principal place in the hundred and later as the head of a poor law union, petty sessional district and rural district. The population has always been small and the main street is still only a few minutes walk from the open country, but the town houses, the concentration of shops, and the little gasometer by the bridge all proclaim the place to be more than a village.

Chipping Ongar is situated on one of the few patches of glacial sand in this clay area. The parish is bounded on the east by the River Roding and on the south and west by Cripsey Brook. The land rises sharply from 150 ft. above sea-level in the south, east, and west to more, than 200 ft. in the centre and north. The main road from Chelmsford to Epping enters the parish in the north-east by High Ongar Bridge and leaves it in the north-west by Ackingford Bridge. At Wants crossroads this road is joined by that which runs north to Shelley, Fyfield, and the Rodings, and by the main road from Chipping Ongar to Stratford and London. The town lies mainly along this last road, which runs south down the hill and leaves the parish in the southwest by Ongar Bridge. Beyond the bridge the road runs up Marden Ash Hill. Marden Ash is in High Ongar parish (q.v.) but is in fact a suburb of Chipping Ongar. The road from Ongar to Brentwood and Tilbury branches south-east from Marden Ash. To the west of Cripsey Brook, in the parish of Greenstead, there is a new housing estate which is also part of the town. Ongar railway station, in the north of the parish, is the terminus of the line from Epping and London.