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Scrapping a car in upminster?

Maybe it time to get rid of your car. Perhaps its unreliable and is costing lots in repairs, Maybe its been in a crash or simply i might just be and end of its life. Whatever the reason is for getting rid of your car , We will give you one of the best prices in the upminster area. That why its a good idea to scrap a car in upminster with the help of ScrapYourCarEssex. As we are the leading Upminster car collection team.

We have been used by hundreds  of customers across Essex and London including mainly Upminster. We have always aimed to make our customers as happy as possible. To ensure that scrapping your car is easy and smooth. We are just a phone call away or a form away.

ScrapYourCarEssex collection and scrappage service is fully licensed and profession to ensure a smooth process when scrapping your car. We are registered with Environmental Agency, so you can walk away with a peace of mind as we keep the environment in mind when scrapping a car. 


The 3 simple steps to scrapping your car

Step 1 : Getting a Quote is as simple is a quick call or email providing the what car it is and where your are located(07377 706 620 –

 Step 2 : Arranging a collection with us is easy,over the phone we will arrange a time and date then we can get one of our local drivers to collect your car and give your top money for your car. On Collection our service offers cash. 

Step 3: Then Your Car is Recycled If your car’s still in a roadworthy condition, we’ll try and find a buyer for it. If the car’s unsuitable to be reused, we’ll remove any car parts that we can reuse and sell those on. We’ll then recycle the rest of the car in an authorised treatment facility so we can get money for the scrap metal or we scrap the cars fully complete

Why trust ScrapYourCarEssex?



HOW DO i scrap my car in Upminster?

You can scrap your car right now either fill out a form out call us and we can give you a quote over the phone.

can i scrap my car without key?

Its fine, you may get a reduce in the amount your payed but we will still collect your car from you. For further information please visit scrap my car without keys page